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Ulwich Preparatory Academy: Fall

UPA Book 1

When Mitch and Andy met for the first time, they were the definition of fast friends. Completely inseparable and 100% up to no good. But after Andy confesses to his best friend that he’s gay, everything changes. Four years later, they haven’t spoken a word to each other, but this Fall that’s all about to change.

Can Andy forgive the sins of the past and be the best friend Mitch needs? Or will Mitch find a way to ruin the best relationship he’s ever had?

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One Brave Thing

An Oak Haven Romance

Ashtyn Fairheart left behind their parents’ suffocating expectations to open Kaleidoscope Coffee and live their best genderqueer life. Six months later, a burst pipe has done enough damage that their dream business might not survive.

Nicco Rodriguez, a local history teacher, wants to build a better financial future for the small town he grew up in. When he finds a grant for teaching small business finance, Nicco’s confident he could make it work, especially after learning the local coffee shop needs help.

But just when they both feel things are heading in the right direction, Ash discovers Nicco hasn’t been entirely forthcoming about his motivation for helping. Now Ash can’t help but wonder if Nicco’s romantic interest was genuine or simply a means to an end.

Can they be brave enough to find a path forward with each other, or will it only amount to a lot of steam?

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