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One Brave Thing

A Clover Hill Romance

When Ash moved to Clover Hill it was to escape a lifetime of expectations and finally embrace her true genderqueer self. But between hiding out in her studio apartment and making sure her business doesn’t fail, she’s not doing a great job of it. And she certainly doesn’t know what to do with incredible man who walked into her life or his adorable dimples.

Helpful might as well be Nicco’s middle name and when he first spies Ash struggling behind the counter, that’s all he wants to do: help. Or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself. And when the awkward owner finally agrees, he can’t help but think that it’s also the perfect opportunity to secure a grant for the school’s Financial Acumen course. But all their efforts will be for naught if the business fails within its first year.

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Ulwich Preparatory Academy


When Mitch and Andy met for the first time, they were the definition of fast friends. Completely inseparable and 100% up to no good. But after Andy confesses to his best friend that he’s gay, everything changes. Four years later, they haven’t spoken a word to each other, but this Fall that’s all about to change.

Can Andy forgive the sins of the past and be the best friend Mitch needs? Or will Mitch find a way to ruin the best relationship he’s ever had?