The pseudonym Lauren Edwards is joining with S Bolanos! It will take time for the transfer to be completed. But not to worry! All your favorite titles will still be available and this website will remain active through the end of the year. Explore more about my paranormal romance alter ego by clicking the link below!

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Ulwich Preparatory Academy is a mature 18+ series that follows four young men in their final year. Meet the cast and join their journeys.

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Discover Tropes

Who doesn’t love a good trope? Check out the evolving list, share your favorites, and see the ones I use! Not all tropes are for all people. Learn the names of the ones that draw you, and discover the value of Content Warnings.

Contemporary Romances for Everyone

Meet & Greet

Learn about Lauren Edwards and their pseudonym, S Bolanos. Ask questions, share your favorite scenes, and join the street team!

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar wilde

Living one’s truth isn’t easy. My hope is that watching these characters struggle and succeed inspires others.

Believe yourself more than you believe the opinions of others.

About Me

Lauren Edwards’ stories are LGBTQIA+ centric and put a fresh spin on conventional romance tropes.

Looking for a Paranormal Twist?

Check out the Urban Fantasy collection under my alter ego S Bolanos!

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